THOUSANDS have successfully developed long-term healthy habits in just 6 weeks and have forever said good-bye to dieting!
THOUSANDS have successfully developed long-term healthy habits in just 6 weeks and have forever said good-bye to dieting!
Next round begins Monday, September 9, 2019
Registration ends in.....
Registration ends in.....
(Registration ends on Saturday, September 7th at midnight)
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After helplessly watching my father suffer for 17 years from Parkinson's Disease, he passed away suddenly one morning. I was 29 years old and 7 months pregnant. I was flooded with feelings of overwhelming confusion, sadness, and anger. My father would not be there to see my first child born.

8 months later, I found myself unable to care for my beautiful baby girl because I was suffering from debilitating daily migraines and sharp stomach pain. My husband needed to go to work and my mom was helping me daily with the baby. While laying in bed one day with nauseating, throbbing pain from a migraine, I had the thought, 'what if my daughter receives a call when she's 29 and pregnant that I have passed away.' I decided in that moment to change whatever I had to change in order to be as healthy as possible for my family.  

I started going to all kinds of physicians, reading books, blogs, attending seminars, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy... I was desperate to figure out the cause of my migraines and stomach pain. In the process, I discovered I was highly sensitive to dairy and sugar. How was I going to completely eliminate dairy and sugar?

I was at lunch with a friend and she told me about the book The Game-On! Diet. I read the book and thought it sounded fun. It was a health game with a point system where you competed against other teams and whoever had the highest points won a reward. I played the game wanting to eliminate dairy and sugar and had success! I played again and had even greater success! Since that first game over 6 years ago, I have NOT had a migraine and my stomach pain has completed disappeared!!! It's been life changing.

Since I had life-changing results, I couldn't keep this fun, motivating, and encouraging game to myself. I wanted to host the game for you! I've hosted the game for almost 5 years and have tweaked, changed, and improved the challenge in order to help others get the maximum results. The No Diets Challenge shifts your focus from the number on the scale to living healthy. The No Diets Challenge has successfully helped thousands improve their health, solidify long-term healthy habits and kicked unhealthy habits to the curb in just 6 weeks! AND yes... even lose weight.  
How does the No Diets Challenge Work?
Each round last 6 weeks. 

Teams are created: Teams will have at least 4 and maximum of 6 challengers. You compete against other teams of at least 4 and maximum of 6 challengers. You will be emailed your team and instructions on the Saturday before you begin the game on Monday. 

Point System: A perfect day is 100 points. A perfect week is 700 points. Bonus points up to 30 points. Maximum possible individual weekly score is 730.

Points are earned in the following categories: Healthy meal plan of your choice (20 points), 20 minutes of purposeful physical activity (20 points), at least 6 hours of sleep (20 points), 3 liters of water daily (10 points), Healthy Habit of your choice (10 points), breaking Unhealthy Habit of your choice (10 points), and communication with at least one member of your team or opponent (10 points).

You get ONE day off per category each week. You can take a complete day off of all categories on the same day or split the days off such as: Monday (meal day off), Tuesday (water day off), Wednesday (sleep and bad habit day off), etc. Give yourself full points on your days off.  

Points are deducted by doing the following: Weighing yourself too often, convincing another player to cheat with you, drinking alcohol, soda, diet soda, or any energy drink, or changing any of your plan after the challenge begins. 

Bonus points are earned by either losing 1% of starting weight or having a perfect week (15 points), reporting your score weekly by noon (CST) every Monday (10 points), and sharing your success twice with others via social media, email, text, phone call, face-to-face, etc. (5 points).

Rewards are given to the following categories: Each member of the winning team, The Most Valuable Player, The Most Improved Player, and The Biggest Loser. You can only win one reward even if you meet two winning categories.  
I'm getting pumped! What are next steps?
Complete the registration form: Be VERY SPECIFIC with your answers. How do you know if your choices are clear and detailed enough? Ask yourself, are they specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and daily.

Pay $30 Registration Fee: Why a registration fee? This is an investment in YOU! When you have a little skin in the game, your chances of quitting significantly decreases. Also, I want to reward as many challengers as possible for their success! Your registration fee goes towards the kitty. The kitty is then split between all the winners.  

The winners include every member of the winning team, team in 2nd place, The Most Valuable Player (player with the highest individual score), The Most Improved Player (player who improves score the most over the 6 weeks) , and The Biggest Loser (player with the individual highest % weight loss). You can only win ONE reward even if you meet two winning categories. The Most Valuable Players, The Biggest Loser, and The Most Improved Player goes to people NOT on the winning team or team in 2nd place.
Once you register, you will be organized into teams. On the day prior to you beginning the challenge, you will receive an email with details of your teams, opponent teams, full set of rules, daily tracking sheet for your personal use, invitation to our Facebook Group, and additional information.  
Here are what previous challengers have said:
"Thanks for another chance to improve some habit changes. I have to tell you... I have been trying to stop biting my nails for 32 years and have not been able to stop. Now it's been close to a year since I've bit my fingernails since I started playing the No Diets Challenge!" ~ COLTEN B. 
"I love this challenge! I am The Biggest Loser this time... I've never done been that before. Woohoo! Having this challenge to motivate me after having my fifth baby has been so wonderful! I have gained more endurance and strength through this challenge than through anything else. The weight loss makes those things even more enjoyable. Thank you for what you do to facilitate this." ~ ALISHA S.
"Thank you for another awesome round! I am close to my end goal and think I'm going to achieve it during the next challenge. SO excited!" ~ NICOLE S.
"Thanks for doing this challenge! It was hard working out every day BUT so worth it! I even have my kids drinking more water, staying off treats, and wanting to work out with me." ~ ANNALISA F.  
"This round was tough, but having a team to help encourage and support is such a huge benefit of this challenge.  I pushed through and now one of the MVPs!" ~ CARA N.
"Thanks for the game and for your encouragement! It was a great round and now I'm even flossing my teeth daily since choosing it was my good new habit.  I will definitely be playing again soon!" ~ SANDRA P.
"Once again, thank you for this game!!! I love a good challenge and always enjoy this one!!!" ~ KARLA S.
 "I've done 4 straight rounds AND love it!" ~ BRENT R.
"I know I write you my praise every time, but seriously, I love this challenge!!!  21 pounds down in 3 months!  I've made friends and am so happy with the way I've been able to holistically create change in my life." ~ ALISHA S.
"I love this program and think it's so amazing what you are doing for us all. Thanks for helping me stay accountable and improving my body at the same time. I'm grateful for people like you. Thank you!!!" ~ LORAINE B.
"You can probably tell I love this challenge since I keep coming back!" ~ STEFANIE W.
"The game was such a wonderful success for us this round! We were thrilled to win a prize – but also because the game halted our bad holiday habits (and MY WIFE saw some awesome post baby weight loss)! We got back on the wagon in several aspects – including my stopping a bad habit of texting while driving, so perhaps -- the game saved my life!" ~ MATT B.
"Thank you so much for putting on the challenge! Participating has made a huge difference in my life. I'm eating healthier again and overcoming some major temptations. I also feel better because I'm eating what I like to call real food vs. all the processed stuff. It was exciting to see that I won MVP!" ~ NICOLE S. 
"I just want to say thank you for all your hard work into putting together such a great program for those of us who struggle with improving our lifestyles. I lost 6 pounds and am excited to continue with my goals." 
"Thank you for hosting the challenge for us... it was great!" ~ MARY H.
"Thanks for all you do to help people to change their habits to become healthier and at the same time lose weight. I am very happy to have improved during the 6 weeks. I lost 9.2 pounds!" ~ SHERI W.
"Wow! I really never expected to win anything especially with so many other people having perfect scores. 
I am so glad I did this!" ~ LONETTE A. 
"Thanks for an amazing challenge! I loved it and I've told all my family and friends to join next round." 
"This is a really great program! I loved participating and can't wait to come back and play." ~ JENESSA L. 
"Thanks for another great round! It was challenging but so worth it to get back some habits." ~ KELLI T.
"It's amazing how different each round is! I was very inspired by my team and the other challengers to keep my score up this time around since it was so incredibly competitive. This round helped me get through my last 6 weeks of pregnancy without eating ice cream every night and while maintaining daily exercise. It's totally paid off in how I'm feeling and how prepared I feel for this birth. I'm now 4 days overdue and happily waiting for this third baby to arrive!" ~ REBECCA T.
"These last three rounds have really been an amazing experience for me. I've never been a dieter and have always eaten relatively healthy (though I do like my refined sugar!), so I had no idea how this challenge would affect me. Over the course of the last three rounds, I've lost 13 percent of my body weight, bringing me within a few pounds of my college weight. And this is after two babies! This kind of weight loss was never my goal, but it was a pleasant side effect of the healthier lifestyle." 
"This is such a great challenge! I enjoyed being a part of it and finally winning!" ~ BRINA N.
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